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RJ-1180 high temperature and high pressure(HTHP) dyeing machine

RJ-1180 high temperature and high pressure(HTHP) dyeing machine

Patent No.:200910183773.7  200920234848.5


Used for dyeing cotton,yarn,fiber or fabric made of cotton,wool,silk or chemical fiber with different dye,especially suitable for dyeing with disperse dyes and catatonic dyes.

Technical Parameter

Workroom Volume:24.8L
Dyeing cup 300ml*12
Stir device Stroke:45mm; Speed :45/min or 28/min
Max. Pressure 0.3Mpa
Max.Temp 140℃
Heating speed Adjustable :2.5℃/min -0.3℃/min
Power Supply 3 phase:  380±10%50Hz
Power 5kw
Dimensions(L*W*H) 830*680*1020mm

If there are any changes in listed specification,our company has rights to modify without prior notice.


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